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Popular 401k Plans

Empower Retirement - Apple Inc 401k
The Apple 401k Plan is only so-so, for a company that so dominates it's field. It receives a lower rating because many of it's plan options are higher fee than necessary, including LifePath options.
Vanguard - Investments
The Amazon 401k Plan is another high quality offering from Vanguard, the leader in low-fee passively-managed 401k Plans.
Vanguard - Investments
The Deloitte 401k Plan is an example of 401k plans that offer a bewildering array of choices, but still suffer from few low-fee options.
Vanguard - Investments
Google has one of the best 401k plans in the business, both in its industry and across the entire universe of 401k plans in the United States.
Fidelity NetBenefits (401k)
The HP 401k Plan offers great low-fee options, and even has harder-to-get asset classes such as REITs among the 401k plan's offerings.
Fidelity NetBenefits (401k)
Among the many options in IBM's 401k plan are many low-fee and passively managed index funds, which form the basis of a great long-term investing strategy.
Fidelity NetBenefits (401k)
The Intel 401k plan is good, but not great, with options that are more expensive than necessary for a 401k plan of its size and clout.
Fidelity NetBenefits (401k)
Microsoft's 401k plan is a mix of amazing fund choices not available on the open market, and somewhat poorer Fidelity funds with higher fees than necessary.
Fidelity NetBenefits (401k)
The Oracle 401k plan uses Vanguard target date funds to great advantage, but also includes several options that charge high fees and should be avoided.