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Additional plan details for your Electroimpact, Inc. 401(K) Profit Sharing Plan from Electroimpact, Inc.

Additional Plan Information

Electroimpact, Inc. 401(K) Profit Sharing Plan 302 $32,011,038.00 2010
Plan Name Plan Participants Total Assets in Plan Filing Year
Electroimpact, Inc. 911341557 001
Sponsor Name Sponsor EIN Sponsor Plan Number

Listed Benefits for Electroimpact, Inc. 401(K) Profit Sharing Plan

Code Benefit Explanation
2E Profit-sharing. -
2F ERISA section 404(c) plan This plan, or any part of it, is intended to meet the conditions of 29 CFR 2550.404c-1.
2G Total participant-directed account plan Participants have the opportunity to direct the investment of all the assets allocated to their individual accounts, regardless of whether 29 CFR 2550.404c-1 is intended to be met.
2J Code section 401(k) feature A cash or deferred arrangement described in Code section 401(k) that is part of a qualified defined contribution plan that provides for an election by employees to defer part of their compensation or receive these amounts in cash.
2K Code section 401(m) arrangement Employee contributions are allocated to separate accounts under the plan or employer contributions are based, in whole or in part, on employee deferrals or contributions to the plan. Not applicable if plan is 401(k) with only QNECs and/or QMACs. Also not applicable if Code sections 403(b)(1), 403(b)(7), or 408 arrangement/accounts annuities
2R Participant-directed brokerage accounts provided as an investment option under the plan -
2T Total or partial participant-directed account plan Plan uses default investment account for participants who fail to direct assets in their account.
3D Pre-approved pension plan A master, prototype, or volume submitter plan that is the subject of a favorable opinion or advisory letter from the IRS.