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Invest like a millionaire, for less than you think

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Get started by linking your accounts or manually reporting your holdings, and we’ll analyze them right where they are. Our easy-to-use dashboard provides analysis and recommendations tailored to your exact portfolio and specific goals.

We break your Retirement plan into 9 simple steps, so you can easily understand what you’re doing well and where you can improve. Our recommendations update in real time, and we show you exactly why we recommend every change.

What you get
  • Analyze your funds where they are and make trades when you’re ready
  • Smart, transparent advice is tailored to your portfolio, holdings, and goals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the total cost of investment management with FutureAdvisor?

    The total cost of FutureAdvisor Premium is comprised of three parts: our management fee, the expense ratios of the funds in which you’re invested, and trading commissions (i.e. the $7.95 you pay to execute a trade at Fidelity). Over 90% of the funds we use at FutureAdvisor are commission-free.

    FutureAdvisor’s management fee is 0.5% annually --­­ half of one percent ­­-- on assets that we directly manage. Average expense ratios and trading fees are minimized, and result in an all­-in average cost of 0.65% per year of assets managed.

    Our strategy also considers trade-­offs between ETF trading commissions and expense ratios to help minimize the total cost of investing. For small accounts, commission fees often have a larger impact in terms of costs, whereas for large accounts, the expense ratio alone can represent the largest fee.  We’ll help you get into the right funds for your portfolio’s size.

  • How are the fees billed?

    We bill our management fee in quarterly installments of 0.125%. If you have a taxable account, we'll deduct from that. If not, we'll deduct proportionally from your non-taxable accounts. 

  • Are there costs to move my accounts to FutureAdvisor?

    FutureAdvisor and our custodians (Fidelity and TD Ameritrade) don’t charge any account opening fees.  Maintaining accounts at those custodians is also free.

  • Are there costs to cancel?

    There are no fees associated with discontinuing FutureAdvisor Premium. Should you make the decision to cancel our services, we’ll simply remove ourselves as an advisor on your Fidelity and/or TD Ameritrade accounts, which returns them to your full control.