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Our philosophy allows you to benefit from decades of investment research by some of the best minds in the business.

Dynamic Fund Selection

FutureAdvisor is the only digital online advisor that uses Dynamic Fund Selection to create a customized portfolio completely unique to your pre-existing investments and tax situation. We don’t use cookie-cutter funds. We select each investment based on your current holdings and your investment horizon.

We perform dynamic cost analysis on many available ETFs, ensuring that your portfolio is designed efficiently for your unique portfolio size and the number and types of accounts you hold. This takes into account ETFs’ bid/ask spread (the difference in price between what investors are willing to buy and sell the fund for, which can be as high as 5%). Our strategy also considers trade-offs between ETF commission fees and expense ratios to help minimize the total cost. For small accounts, commission fees often have a larger impact, whereas for large accounts, expense ratio alone can represent the largest fee.

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