What is FutureAdvisor?

FutureAdvisor is an online investment advisor that automatically manages your investments to help you do better with your money. FutureAdvisor works with your existing investments including your 401(k).

Gives you the right investments for your situation

Everyone's situation is different, so FutureAdvisor takes into account your unique situation and risk tolerance to give you the right stock/bond split and right mix of assets for your situation.

Personalized asset allocation
Fees Comparison

Keeps your investment fees low

FutureAdvisor transitions you to low-fee index funds and uses commission-free ETFs whenever possible to make sure you keep more of your money.

Automatic rebalancing for your whole portfolio

When market shifts happen, FutureAdvisor automatically rebalances your portfolio to lock in market returns and protects you against crisis situations.

Re-balance your portfolio
How to invest

Automatic investment of cash

Simply put new money in your portfolio and FutureAdvisor automatically invests it in your account in tax-efficient and fee-efficient way.

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